Lecifarma is a Pharmaceutical Laboratory dedicated to manufacturing of medicines, food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and body care products and manipulation of raw materials.

Lecifarma is a Pharmaceutical Laboratory of Portuguese capital dedicated to the formulation development, manufacture, packaging and quality control of pharmaceutical specialties, food supplements, cosmetic and body care products. Since its foundation in 1985, Lecifarma has acquired an extensive, specialized experience and know-how with the development of formulations and technologies, with high levels of customer satisfaction.


The Quality, Safety and Efficacy of the services provided and the manufactured products are values that differentiate us in the pharmaceutical sector. The fact that we have worked extensively for third parties within Contract Manufacturing has enabled us to build a robust track record based on experience, accuracy and compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). The competent authorities recognize our qualifications.
Our mission is to maintain a high level of quality in products and services, based on commitment, transparency and accuracy, with the constant concern to follow the evolution of knowledge, new scientific discoveries, contributing to the improvement of people well-being.

We are not limited to producing pharmaceutical specialties. We offer an integrated solution that includes the design of the formula, studies of formulation development and stability, as well as evaluation and regulatory framework in accordance with the current legislation. This constant innovation and development activity is reflected in several new product designs as well as the improvement of existing products that are currently on the market.

Our innovation ability has been developed to suit customer requirements and companies which want to launch products and for which they need a manufacturer.

The fact that we manufacture a wide range of pharmaceutical specialties allows us to have a production capacity and flexibility that is reflected in a prompt response, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers.


Continuing to meet the challenges of growth of our activity, we are in the process of expansion. The improvement of the existing facilities is imminent, simultaneously with the construction of a new building of 1300 m2.

Innovation has always been a concept assumed by Lecifarma to represent the fundamental aspect of a company oriented for the provision of industrial pharmaceutical manufacturing service.

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